December 14, 2011

Gift Guide: Tailgate Toys

These tailgate toys are great gifts this Christmas season for the sports fan in your life. They will definitely "wow" at your next tailgate or party.

1. Bucaneer Cooler - This cooler is great because it also stores your BBQ equipment.

2. Point Pong - Who doesn't love beer pong? And now it's in a handy-dandy portable table.

3. Wine Sack - My MIL would love this. It's roomy enough inside to add an ice pack.

4. Lil' Pig Grill - I love this grill! I mean it is a little atrocious, but it's pink!

5. O-Grill  - The O-Grill comes in a variety of team colors and is light-weight.

6. The Go Plate - Genius! I need these.

7. Team Snack Helmet - Perfect for the tailgate or the Man-Room.

8. Disposable Flask - We don't endorse drinking inside the stadium, so you should probably use these for juice. *Wink *Wink

9. Daquiri Whacker  - Wow! I can't believe someone came up with this idea. It's a gas-powered blender!

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