January 30, 2012

Super Bowl Party - Part 2

I realize fashion and football don't generally mingle very well. However there are a few of us trying to change that. It's time to say no to the typical boxy tee and embrace a more stylish football experience. Superbowl is the perfect opportunity to rock a fab look. The Superbowl has more glitz and glamour surrounding the day then a normal football game - from the celebs in attendance, to the half-time show, to the hyped up tailgating - Superbowl is a major party and as such we should dress accordingly.

Whether you are actually going to be in Indy this weekend for Superbowl, or like the rest of us, you will be at a house party, it's time to start thinking about your gameday outfit. Which brings us to Part 2 of our Superbowl Party series - What to Wear.

I feel you have two options. First, if you are rooting for the Giants or the Patriots then you will want to rock their team colors and gear. If you have no team allegiance you can still pull together an outfit using the Giant's and Patriot's colors (red and blue). If you aren't feeling those colors you can always go neutral and wear some key accessories. I've put together some items that would be perfect for any Superbowl event. I hope you all have a great Superbowl Sunday!

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