July 26, 2012

Tailgating 101: The Party (Part 3)

We have come to the best and last part of our series – the tailgate party.  You have preppedplanned and you're ready to roll out to the stadium. Here are a few tips to make it the most successful and fun tailgate in the parking lot.

  • Timing is important. Arrive at least 5-6 hours before the game. This time frame allows for plenty of time to cook, eat and have fun.  Make sure you also factor in grilling time and clean up. An hour before the game, I pack up and store all of the food and then secure anything that is valuable.
  • Make your tailgate easily identifiable by raising your own, personalized flag. You want your friends and family to be able to find you, so don’t be afraid to be creative. Our tailgate has a customized tent and flag with our team logo.  To make your spot more recognizable, you can also add unique lighting or themed decorations.
  • Breakout out the games.  My favorite tailgate games are; cornhole, beer pong, washers, and flip cup. A new tailgate game on the market, Basket Pong, looks to be a lot of fun and easy to setup and transport.
  • Meet your neighbors and make more friends. You never know when you might need to borrow extra plates or even a beer. Plus, we subscribe to the tailgating mantra, ‘the more the merrier’.
I hope this tailgating series has been helpful. Please feel free to let me know the ways you "elevate your tailgate". Cheers!

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