October 19, 2012

Gameday Fashion: South Carolina Girls

It's a funny thing with coaches......you either love them or hate them, right? There is no in between. I loved Steve Spurrier when he was the coach at the University of Florida, leading the team to six SEC championships and a national championship. But as soon as he announced he was leaving for the NFL, I felt abandoned. However, when he decided to become the coach for a rival SEC team, South Carolina, that was the ultimate betrayal (ok maybe I'm being a bit dramatic). Since Spurrier, my alma mater has hosted a number of different coaches. Time heals all wounds and I've moved on from my deep feelings of dislike towards the man. So in the spirit of forgiveness and camaraderie,  this week's Gameday Fashion series is dedicated to the South Carolina girls. No doubt, the Florida vs South Carolina game tomorrow, will be a good one with mixed emotions. Go Gators!

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