November 1, 2012

Gameday Glamour: Makeup Routine

Most gamedays start very early and end very late, so I'm always on the hunt for the best products to perfect my makeup routine. It's all about staying power and creating a natural look. I've assembled my most favorite products and my step-by-step process.

Step 1 - Smashbox primers are your best friend for so many reason. Really, everyone should be using a primer every day, especially on game days when you need to create a smooth canvas. Make sure you also use an eye primer for shadow. I like to use creme shadows and I've found that Urban Decay has the best eye primer.

Step 2 - The new line of BB creams are fantastic because they have SPF and provide light coverage. I've found that my normal foundation just doesn't look as natural for all day tailgating. (Sunscreen is always important on gamedays!)

Step 3 - Make sure you set the BB cream or foundation with a powder. Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish is my favorite.

Step 4 - I recommend using a cream blush or a cheek stain for this step. Depending on the weather or how long I'm going to be outdoors, some times I skip this step altogether. I find if its windy or a little chilly, I get a natural flush.

Step 5 - Lip liners will help keep your lips looking good all day. I typically line my entire top lip, apply a little on the lower lip and then apply my favorite gloss.

Step 6 - Urban Decay All Nighter Spray is my holy grail for setting sprays. It really does keep your makeup in place for 12 hours or more.

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