November 2, 2012

Tailgate Recipes: Elk Sliders

Elk is a great source of lean protein and it’s readily available where I live, so it is a perfect replacement for the traditional sliders. These sliders are a great combination of savory and sweet.  

Ground Elk Meat
Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls - 12 Pack
Worcestershire Sauce
Chopped Garlic
Montreal Steak Grill mate
Honey, if desired
Ground Mustard
Sliced Tomato
Sweet Onions
Cheese (provolone or pepper jack)
Bread and butter pickles

1. Form elk meat into small patties.
2. Coat each patty with Worcestershire sauce.
3. Season patties with: chopped garlic, Montreal Steak Grill mate, lightly with Lemon-Pepper & Cayenne.
    Splash of honey, if desired
4. Place in refrigerator for a few hours, but grill at room temperature.
5. Coat each patty with olive oil to keep from sticking on grill.
6. Cook Elk on high heat, each side for one minute. Elk cooks quickly, be careful not overcook.
7. Add cheese while the patties are still on the grill, in the last few seconds.
8. Serve on Hawaiian Sweet Rolls with stone ground mustard and thin sliced tomato.
9. Garnish with sweet onion slices and bread & butter pickles.

Nutrition Facts:
1.3 oz-  Serving Size
53 -  Calories
2g   -  Fat
0.66gm  -  Saturated Fat 
23mg  - Cholesterol
8.3g    -  Protein

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