December 6, 2012

House Divided Helmet

As most of you know, I graduated from the University of Florida and my husband graduated from the University of Oklahoma. I am first and foremost a Gator fan but I also root for the Sooners since we live in Texas and attend all of the Oklahoma home games. Our two teams played each other in 2009 for the BCS National Championship. The Gators won that game, which I haven't easily let my husband forget. I had all of my fingers and toes crossed that we were going to get a repeat performance this year for the Sugar Bowl. It was speculated by many that Florida and Oklahoma would meet again in New Orleans. Unfortunately the BCS royally screwed the pooch on that one. Don't even get me started about that whole thing. Ugh!

We were recently gifted the helmet above, by one of my husband's wonderful friends. It is the perfect addition to our office which is literally split down the middle on one side with Sooner memorabilia and the other side is Gator memorabilia. Most "house divided" couples I know are usually in the same State or at least in the same conference, which really makes this helmet so special and unique to us. Are there any other Florida/Oklahoma house divided couples out there? I would love to hear your stories or for that matter any other house divided stories.

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