January 15, 2013

Gameday Fashion: Hanky Panky Collegiate

I've been a fan of Hanky Panky since my freshman year of college. I will never forget the first time my BFF scolded me for wearing Vicky's secret undies instead of the ever popular HP Original Rise thong. She went on to explain how comfy they were and how well they fit. I was quite mystified by her tale of "one-size fits all". I quickly collected myself and promised her I would purchase a few thongs as soon as possible.

When I found out recently that Hanky Pank had a collegiate collection, it was hard to contain my excitement. Mainly because I am one of those crazy fans that truly believes what I'm wearing may lead my team to victory. So when I need to cheer loud and proud for the Gators, I wear orange and blue errything. And thanks to HP, I can wear all orange and blue.

They are having an awesome 40% off sale on select teams.

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