April 10, 2013

Big Texas Beer Fest 2013

I had the pleasure of attending the second annual, Big Texas Beer Fest, this past Saturday in Dallas.  It was held at Fair Park in the Automobile Building. The entry fee ($35) bought you a 2 oz sample cup and 12 free samples. Additional samples were available for purchase. More than 100 breweries were at the event representing their finest hops.

A few of my favorite breweries were in attendance, namely the Alaskan Brewing Company. Their Amber Ale is one of the best beers I've ever had. A newcomer to the scene was Martin House, Ft. Worth’s newest brewery. They just tapped their first kegs that week and seemed to be a definitive crowd pleaser. Their Imperial Texan beer had a perfect balance of flavors and will most likely find a happy home at our tailgates in the Fall. Peticola's Velvet Hammer was another winner for my husband, who said it would go perfectly with a steak. I tried two new cider flavors from Ace Cider. I didn't prefer either one and will stick to my old stand-by, Woodchuck, when it comes to cider.

One aspect of the festival that I found to be charming was the periodic eruption of cheers and rising of glasses from the crowd. The large space began to feel like a cozy bar filled with friends, which is quite the accomplishment given the 5,000 plus people in attendance. Cheers to the organizers for a successful event!

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