April 22, 2013

Survive The Football Off-Season

We have exactly 128 more days until college football kickoffs again. I know, I know, it feels like an eternity. Believe me; I am going through the same withdrawals as you guys. Headaches, strange ticks and I might have setup our tailgate tent in the backyard this weekend, just so I could sit underneath it. Don’t judge!  

I promise to try and keep you guys entertained in the meantime.  Here are some other ways to help ease some of the pain until the fall;
  1. Attend/host a draft party.
  2. Go camping. Tailgating and camping encompasses a lot of the same aspects.
  3. Get your fantasy football teams in order.
  4. Experiment with new tailgate recipes and grilling techniques.
  5. Rent a tailgate trailer from the guys at Top Shelf Tailgate. Their trailers are stunning and come with some really cool gadgets and games. They have many different options too. Rent one for an upcoming birthday party, concert, or other sporting event. If you do, please send me an invite. ;-)


  1. ooh a draft party is a great idea and i think all the men in my family would absolutely love the trailer idea!


    1. Really, I just look for any excuse to throw a party! ;-)