May 10, 2013

Tailgate Toys: Point Pong

The fantastic people over at Point Pong sent me a set of their beer pong game last week. It was perfect timing. It’s like they knew I would be hosting a tailgate in the near future.

The set arrived as I was packing up all of my supplies for the Jimmy Buffett tailgate and concert. The game was a big source of entertainment for us while we tailgated for the 8+ hours on Saturday. The set is super easy to assemble and break down. It was quite windy on Saturday, so we ended up improvising and using quarters instead of the ping pong balls that come with the set. The game definitely requires some skill and practice. The set itself was quite the conversation piece. I would guess that at least 30 people came up to our tailgate just to ask us who made the game and a few of them even took pictures of it. We also had a few kids stop by and try to play. I'm looking forward to using the game this summer to work on my beer pong skills. The set also converts, so you can play it in the pool.

Kevin, El Presidente of Point Pong has a great tailgate/concert tip for everybody too. Apparently he makes a really good margarita! One of the first times he saw Jimmy Buffett in concert, he made up 5 gallons of margaritas in a large Igloo cooler for his tailgate. When it was over and he had some left, so he put them in double freezer baggies and then put them in the freezer. So when he wanted a margarita, he just took a bag out, put it in the microwave for a bit and then he had a frozen slush margarita. I like it! I think I am going to try this soon.

Point Pong won the "Best Tailgating Game Award" at the National Hardware Show in 2012. It is now sold online and in stores. For more information and to listen to a phone interview with Kevin visit here.

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