June 13, 2013

Football Silverware Caddies

Now is the perfect time to start assembling, buying and crafting your tailgate accessories for the Fall. I DIYed these pigskin themed silverware caddies last weekend and they were a super easy project to tackle.

You will need:
Empty peanut, tomato of coffee cans
Paint (acrylic or spray)
Paint brush

Directions: I recycled two empty peanut and cookie cans. I liked these two cans because I wanted to keep the lids and use the caddies for storage. If you go with a larger can like a coffee can, I like this idea of using the caddie as a I sprayed Valspar gloss brown paint directly over the outer wrapping of the cans. I applied two coats of spray paint and then waited a day to apply the white acrylic paint for the laces. All in all, it was an easy project to tackle and I think they will make a nice addition to our tailgate tables.

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