August 16, 2013

Gameday Fashion: Meesh and Mia NFL Preview

Meesh and Mia, one of my favorite gamedy fashion brands has expanded their line recently to include NFL teams as well as NCAA teams. And guess who their new spokeswoman is? None other than Stacey Keibler. With her experience as a cheerleader for the Ravens, I think she can bring a fun perspective to the company. She is launching a special line with them on August 19th. Check back with them on Monday.

The NFL teams available now include;
Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Ravens
Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Kansas City Chiefs
New England Patriots
New Orleans Saints
Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Eagles
San Francisco 49ers

Meesh and Mia recently sent me a pair of leggings from their new NFL Line. I really like them! They are super soft and very comfortable. I know they will be a major staple in my gameday wardrobe this season. It's just so refreshing to find companies, like Meesh and Mia, that are designing for the femals sports fan, and are also so on point with the trends. I think we were forced to suffer too long with the typical boxy grey t-shirts. It's a revolution and I love it!!


  1. COOL!! I'd love some cute Patriots stuff!

  2. I love Meesh & Mia, but they need to carry the New York Giants! :)