October 9, 2013

Homegating: Watch Parties

Homegating (which is essentially tailgating at home or in your backyard) has become increasingly popular (see here and here), especially with the rise of ticket prices. The NFL made a big marketing push for it. So, it doesn't surprise me that watch parties in bars and restaurants are also just as popular. I wanted to highlight the different types of homegate and watch party experiences, to give you guys as many options as possible when it comes to rooting for your team. Which is why I am pleased to bring you this guest post today from my friend Lauren.  

Hi everyone, it's Lauren from Pretty Pieces. I'm a huge fan of Stylish Gameday and an ultimate tailgate wannabe. I never actually grew up with a college football team - all the college teams in Massachusetts suck - but now because of my boyfriend, I'm a converted Oklahoma Sooner fan. Every weekend in Boston we have watch parties for the games at McGreevy's, an irish pub in downtown Boston. 

The bar makes us classic southern food, like Frito pie, fried okra and sweet potato tater tots along with cocktails like Arnold Palmer's. We play corn hole at halftime and give away raffle prizes. We also sell t-shirts repping our Boston roots that say "Boomah Soonah" - they are also available online here

I've had the opportunity to go to one OU game in Norman which was an amazing experience but I am happy that Boston has its own taste of the Sooners. This is our version of an ultimate tailgate. Good luck to the Sooners this weekend against Texas! Boomer Sooner!

Here are some photos from our watch parties:

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