November 15, 2013

Tailgate Toys: DrinksBag Company

I'm continually impressed with the inventions people come up with to conceal their alcoholic beverages.  The DrinksBag Company was recently founded by Louisa who needed a "stylish" way to conceal her wine during the many outdoor events that her and her friends attend. The bag has an insulated lining and a secret opening for any bagged drink, with a nozzle dispensing system. It discreetly conceals your chosen treat, ready for any occasion. A magnetic flap at one end of the bag which lifts to access the pouring nozzle. Integral discreet magnets placed so the flap stays up when in use, snaps shut when not in use.

Of course, I thought the bag would be perfect for tailgating. I can just imagine "pouring" a glass of wine for my friends from this nifty bag.

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