December 30, 2013

Tailgating: Beer Concentrate

I know parking for college football tailgating can be a bit burdensome. A lot of times, you are required to park a good distance from your actual tailgate spot. Then comes the problem of lugging all of your gear to your tent site. Here is one way to lighten your concentrate, just add water. This product was developed for camping but I think it is easily applicable to tailgating as well.

According to the company's website, the beer concentrate isn't made by dehydrating a conventional beer. "Instead, our process (patent pending) allows us to start with almost no water, and carefully control the environment of the fermentation," says the site. The result is supposedly a beer that tastes like a "premium micro brew." Each beer packet makes a single 16 oz. pint.

The big does it taste? According to Pat's Facebook page, the beer is getting positive reviews.

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