January 14, 2014

Victory Fingers

The "V" sign has historically stood for victory and peace. The new gameday kid-on-the-block, Victory Fingers, has put their own unique and fun spin on the sign. Victory Fingers are a great way to cheer on your team. They come in different sizes and I love that they are touch screen friendly too, so I can still use my iPhone to take pictures at the games. The have 14 college teams available, with more coming soon and a flag fingers line, when you want to cheer for the USA or other country. My favorite finger to throw up is the "We are #1" sign and with Victory Fingers, I can do so in such a stylish way!

The fingers are 100% made in the USA. For Victory Fingers, “Made in the USA” means superior quality, designers who understand college and pro sports, fast turnaround times on custom designs and great customer service.

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