October 27, 2015

Solo Cup My Tailgate Contest

The ubiquitous red solo cup is seen at many a tailgate. It's become synonymous with college, parties and drinking events. Why? Because, well...this article can explain it way better that I can. 

I recently snapped the above photos, last Saturday in fact. It was homecoming for Oklahoma and we were tailgating on our friend's roof. We had a perfect view of the parade and the stadium.

Thankfully, as I was standing there (in my OU tee), red cup in hand, I remembered a sponsored post I had seen in my Insta feed that morning. Solo Cup was sponsoring a contest. All you had to do was snap a picture of your solo cup while tailgating and use the #MySoloTailgate hashtag.

To my surprise, I won a $250 gift certificate to Fanatics. I'm stoked! I can do some early Christmas shopping now. I encourage you all to enter too!

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