July 22, 2016

Tailgate Toys: Artic Cove Misting Fan

Here's a funny/interesting story for you guys. My full time job is a city planner. I share a suite in City Hall with the tourism and sports departments. The other day I walked into their supply closet and I saw 5 Artic Cove Misting Fan boxes stacked on top of one another. The tourism department had purchased the misting fans for a baseball tournament the city hosted.

I immediately thought to myself, what a great product and how perfect they would be for tailgating. So, then of course I had to share with all of you guys! If you want a smaller size version of the fan, they also have Personal Misting Bottles too.

Hope you all are staying cool this summer. It's way, way too hot here in Dallas. At least we only have 35 days left until College Football starts again. Yippee!

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