September 1, 2016

Walking S'mores

Walking S'Mores

As you all know, walking tacos is one of THE best tailgate recipes...borderline genius according to buzzfeed. So I decided we needed a dessert to accompany the tacos that was equally genius. Behold, "Walking S'Mores'. The premise is similar and meant to be simple, as well as delicious. I prefer the Teddy Grahams that come in the cup as pictured above. You can pick those up at Walmart for $1 each. But you can also use the individual snack bags as well. Both, leave less mess to clean up and less you have to bring to the tailgate with you. 

Teddy Grahams 
Chocolate Pudding
*Whip Cream optional

Directions: Layer ingredients, mix and enjoy! 

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