November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving - Turkey + Football

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and one of my favorite holidays. Well, to be honest, between Halloween and New Years, I'm all blissed out in my happy place. I love all of the events surrounding the holidays, family time and lots of good food.

Speaking of food, I've got a lot of cooking to do today so I will make this short and sweet. I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with all of your favorite things, including pie and football.

I've never, ever gone out to shop on Black Friday. Thank goodness for the internet, I can shop from home in my PJ's. There are a ton of great deals out there and I've added some more cute gift ideas to my SHOP page.

Here are the top items on my wish list;

1. Check out this amazingly cool mug that regulates beverage temperature.
2. These gold Deer earrings are ridiculously adorable.
3. This Tarte Pro Palette is gorgeous.
4. A classic pair of Hunter boots has been on my list forever.
5. I love the design, color and functionality of this rose gold Kate Spade smartphone case pocket.

Many thanks to those of you who have been following along on my blogging adventures. I really, really appreciate your support! Happy Thanksgiving!

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