January 3, 2017

Tailgate Spices and Rubs in Infinity Jars

I am a big fan of grilling and also using spices and rubs in my tailgate recipes. I am also a big fan of a local spice purveyor here in the Dallas area, Penzeys Spices. I normally do not get the chance to visit their store very often, but when I do, I usually stock up. Their pepper line is one of my favorites. I was introduced to the California pepper seasoning by a friend. I don't particularly like black pepper but these combinations peppers add just the right flavors needed for my meat dishes I prepare.

Luckily, the folks at the Infinity Jars company reached out to me recently and sent me some of their jars to test out. I immediately transferred my 3 peppers from Penzeys into their airtight, glass jars. They help protect and preserve the freshness of whatever you are storing in them.

Since the season is almost over now, I know many of you have packed away your tailgate equipment and that includes your special rubs and spices you use for grilling. I recommend that you look into using the Infinity Jars to help with any loss of flavor while we wait for the next season to begin. (Hopefully that doesn't take too long!)

In other cooking news, I receive a pressure cooker for Christmas and I am ecstatic. Actual tears were wept when I opened the package. I've already made some of the best beef stew in it!

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