October 22, 2014

Gameday Fashion: Warby Parker Sunglasses

One of the necessities of tailgating is definitely a good pair of sunglasses. Admittedly, I have quite the collection. I love a good aviator but I also love anything tortoise shell. The new Corner Collection from Warby Parker is totally cool. I like the unique shapes and designs. One of the most impressive features of the company is their "Home Try-On".  You can pick any 5 glasses to try and they will ship them to you for free.

October 20, 2014

Nice Entertaining Magazine Article

Check out my Tailgating Essentials for Nice Entertaining Magazine.

October 14, 2014

Tailgate Games

Classic games like washers, cornhole and throwing the football around are all great for tailgating. I also like bocce ball and ladderball, especially for the kiddos. What games do you play while tailgating?

5. Washers 
(Or make your own)

You definitely need a Score Tower to keep track! 
Plus it comes with a handy dandy place to put your beer. 

October 9, 2014

Tailgate Recipes: Mini Chicken and Waffles

Mini Eggo Waffles
Chicken Nuggets
Maple Syrup  <<<<< Check out this maple syrup taste test

Tailgating Directions: I haven't made these yet but I think I am going to attempt them at our next home game. For the chicken nuggets, I will stop by Chik-fil-a for their nuggets or KFC for their popcorn chicken. (I think any chicken nuggets would work). Then throw the Eggos right on the grill to toast them and then a light drizzle of maple syrup. Sounds easy, right?!

October 8, 2014

Red River Rivalry 2014

Are you wondering what to wear to the Texas vs Oklahoma game this weekend?
Boots and dresses! 

Dallas is gearing up for the big Red River Rivalry game this Saturday. This game is so much fun, mainly because it takes place at the Texas State Fair. Big Tex is back. He had a minor accident last year.

The Red River game is the perfect opportunity to wear your boots. It will literally be a sea of boots and dresses, especially cowboy boots. You will want to "bring it" to this event in terms of gameday fashion. All the Texas girls size up the Oklahoma girls and vice versa.

There is a new bag policy, similar to the NFL. Check out this link.

Make sure to indulge in some of the award winning fried food concoctions. Fried sweet tea, fried maple bacon, and fried chicken in a waffle cone, to name a few. Check out this guide to the fried goodies from a local chef.  I wait all year for a Fletcher's corny dog. They are the best.

As of now there is a chance of rain, which means definite humidity. I suggest using your favorite anti-shine and anti-frizz products. I would definitely suggest bringing some type of rain gear as well. I stick a few fold up ponchos like these in my bag.

One last tip, make sure you take plenty of cash and your credit cards. There are ATM's at the fair, but the lines are always long. You need coupons to purchase any food or beer.

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