May 6, 2013

Tailgating: Jimmy Buffett 2013

Enjoying the beautiful tailgate weather. 

Our tailgate gang.

Lots of giant jenga games played by the tailgaters.

I also saw a lot of  creative decorations. 

Played many games of Point Pong.

Fins Up!

The drinks were flowing all day from the tiki bar.

This guy, was serving mojitos from his bartender belt. 
They were tasty too. Definitely "elevated our tailgate."

This Saturday, we tailgated and attended the Jimmy Buffett concert in Frisco, Texas. I was so, so excited to TAILGATE. It's like my drug and I needed my fix....and boy, did I get it. I am so glad I had my checklist, because I was too excited to think straight. I know I would have forgotten something without it. 

We tailgated from about 10:30 am until 12:00 am. Tailgating for a Jimmy Buffett concert is just so much fun and not like any other tailgate. People started arriving in their RV's on Thursday. The decorations and party supplies are always fun to walk around and witness. One tailgate even brought in at least 2 tons of sand. It was almost like being at the beach, almost. The people watching alone is well worth it. I highly recommend the experience if you have the opportunity! 

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